Electronic enthusiasts, makers and hobbyists interested in building their very own DIY wireless soldering iron really interested in a new kit created by the team over at Electronoobs. watch the demonstration video below to learn more about the wireless soldering iron kit which is now available from €45 or roughly £39.

If the crowdfunding campaign successful worldwide shipping of the kits is expected to take place during August 2019. The wireless soldering iron can be sent to temperatures from 250ºC up to 480ºC and is available in three different versions offering the Basic, Full or Premium Kit depending on your needs and requirements.

“We can set the sleep time from OFF up to 10 minutes, the pre-set temperature which is the temperature that we will have when we first power on the iron. The iron automatically enters sleep mode and it will automatically exit sleep mode when the iron is moved due to the vibration sensor. “

PCB components include :

– One ATMEGA328p-AU microcontroller chip
– Vibration sensor
– Buck converter circuit
– 2 side push buttons
– Thermocouple amplification OPAMP
– Notification LEDs
– Power MOSFET
– OLED display 128 x 32 pixels
– Metal clips for soldering iton tip
– Notification buzzer
– UART and SPI pads for bootloader burn and programming
– DC plug input

For more details on each of the three wireless soldering iron kits and a full list of all available pledge options jump over to the official Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign page by following the link below.

Source: Kickstarter

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