Last month leaked images and details revealed that Ecobee would soon be unveiling their new smart thermostat and home sensors. Now Ecobee has confirmed the rumours and leaked images by officially announcing their Alexa-powered smart thermostat which is equipped with a glass touchscreen and supports conductivity to the music streaming service Spotify.

The new ecobee SmartThermostat with voice controlIs now available to purchase price to $249 and is available from selected worldwide partners and the official Ecobee website. The smart thermostat is supplied with one Ecobee SmartSensor and further sensors are available to purchase in packs of two for $79. The Ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control learns your home’s unique energy profile and your occupancy schedule enabling you to save money on your energy bill.

“Redesigned and reengineered, ecobee today introduced a new smart thermostat for the digital age. The new ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control will help people reduce their energy consumption, save money and stay in control while home or away – all while enhancing the way they experience comfort and convenience. ecobee’s flagship thermostat combines hardware and software enhancements to deliver home automation that is easy to enjoy. By infusing more power, improved communications capabilities, and a more robust set of features and functions, ecobee’s most powerful smart thermostat yet signals a new era for the company and sets a new precedent for category excellence.”

“We see the smart home emerging as an oasis where great technology can fade into the background and free you from the chaos of everyday life.” said ecobee President and CEO, Stuart Lombard. “We’ve designed the new ecobee SmartThermostat with voice control to be the foundation of that vision. It’s packed with more power than ever before to deliver a best-in-class user experience and effortlessly connect you to the solutions and services you love, but also work quietly in the background so you can focus on the things – and people – that matter most.“

To learn more about the Ecobee smart thermostat and home sensors jump over to the official press release and Ecobee website.

Source: Ecobee

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